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Two new revolutionary solutions: better energy storage more solar energy

In cooperation with:

  Funding and pioneering, May 2016

 Controller, cloud service, electronics, March 2016

    Partner for international business and licensing, March 2016

 Savo-Solar collectors for Solixi, December 2015

Solixi takes the best from China
, December 2015

 Protected innovations, year 2011

For more info, please watch the videos:

Concentrator, boiler and energy videos released in March 2015, city and case videos in May 2015. 

Click here to read an article on Solixi, which explains what it is and how it works.

Economic viability
No interest, prices as of May 2015
energy value
yearly €
Payback time
Solixi city, an average city in Europe 15.000.000 7.700.000  2
Tampere Finland, apartment house and Solixi 87.000 34.730  2,5
Suvilahti, the biggest solar power plant in Finland 600.000 14.256  42

 Massive savings in heating & cooling
Evens out energy price spikes
Clean and recycled energy
Power & storage on a new level
Fits most types of roofs & buildings
Patents and new innovations

Solixi concentrator patent no 123879 PRH Finland.

Solixi concentrator patent application (EP2773911) and Solixi boiler patent application (EP2873940). 

Pat. pending also in USA, both Solixi concentrator (20140305490) and Solixi boiler (20150136114).

Solixi® is a registered trademark.

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