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Solixi huge water boiler levels energy production and price peaks. 
Solixi solar concentrator produces hot water all year round.
Solixi IoT controller optimizes energy efficiency for heating, heat recovery and cooling.

Boost the system further by Solixi's affordable heat pumpelectric heater and solar tracker for PV panels.
New profitable, reliable and smart energy system is now available.

Solixi brings you to the next level of:

Are you concerned about the scientific background, appearance or technology readiness level?
Is there enough solar power?
And what if it’s windy or cloudy?

Targets are now set to a higher level

According to Paris agreement zero greenhouse gas emissions should be achieved within a few decades. Whereas some emissions are still allowed in aviation and a couple of other industries, buildings are set to become emission free. Since continuous improvement of energy efficiency is quite expensive, new ways of producing clean energy are required.
30%, 50% or even 80% emission cut is not enough, when the target is 100%

Among the known energy sources hydro, solar, wind and nuclear power have the lowest emission rates. Hydropower is not sufficient for settlement heating, especially during coldest winter time. High wind turbines or nuclear power are not local either. Taking into account the grid transfer capacity limitations, using solar energy is the only reliable way to produce clean energy really locally. However, for heating we need so much energy in winter that solar energy alone is not enough.

Solixi combined with intermittent clean grid power enables emission free heating and cooling. The value of your building grows. People benefit from comfortable living conditions. Rents and maintenance charges decrease. Energy costs can be well predicted for quite a long time ahead.
Solixi is an economical choice for an eco-oriented city, company or building.

Do not smoke, or at least decrease your smoking!
Solixi can help you to stop. Be quick, ensure best pilot discounts:

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Product development, manufacturing, components: TakeBest, Microteam, SavoSolar, Linak
IPR, financing, audit, consulting: Espatent, Tietotili, Tekes, Karostech, BocoIP

Published 1st Nov 2016

Jyri Jaakkola, CEO
The website is being continuously updated