It is obvious that a big building needs a big water boiler and energy storage. It is worth to orientate solar collectors towards the sun. Concentrated solar power produces hot. Automated and accurate control of timing and temperatures will bring savings.
It is easy to understand the advantages of Solixi’s unique products.

Block of flats, row houses, industry, public buildings, all buildings.
Installation outside, no inside renovation.


Click to the calculator and share the calculation in social media, to board of directors, to inhabitants.
Buy Solixi and follow savings online.


Solixi helps you even to get rid off burning and emissions completely.


heat pumps, burners, district heating, hot water, floor heating, cooling and other devices. Simple pipe connections via heat exchangers. The controller can also switch devices on/off.

Several patented products construct a flexibly scalable energy system that saves energy and euros in both new and old buildings.

Solixi unique MWh-scale water boiler is an independent energy storage for several days consumption. Solixi stores a huge amount of energy, and money.

Solixi solar concentrators produces heat and hot always when the sun shines. Or electricity. In the morning, in the evening and in the winter.

Solixi air-conditioning and heat recovery offer low costs and high energy efficiency with several water pumps and heat circuits.

Solixi IoT-controller optimizes the functions according to energy consumption and prices as well as weather. Water boiler and solar concentrator controls and monitoring are in Internet.



Maybe you only need a new and larger water boiler instead of an old and small.

If you install any solar thermal collector to the solar concentrator or if you lift PV panels up from the shady roof lape and orientate them towards the sun, you will get more and more even solar heat and/or electricity.

The intelligence and pumps of Solixi Controller can be installed also to an old water boiler.
Heat pumps and other devices save more and function better with Solixi.
When You have one Solixi it is easy to expand the clean energy system.