Recommended price 3950 €, VAT 0%

Available only through local Solixi dealer.

The price may vary:

  • Dealer pricing, purchase lots.
  • Exchange rates, price of raw materials etc


Height 2600mm (from collector top to the frame), adjustable.
Frame widht 4742 mm
Widht with the mirrors 6150mm.
3860 mm frame south-north.

8 kW nominal power all day long

Mirror area 15 m²
Niminal power 8kW.

Solixi thermal collector 2000x1250mm.
2 kpl Solixi controller SIOA.
12 karamotors to orientate the heliostats.
12 mirrors 1250x1000mm
Bolts, bars, connector plates, mirror boxes etc.

Solar radiation x5, adjustable hot water all year round