Solixi Oy

The field of the company is to develop, patent and license clean and emission free energy systems and devices.
Solixi Oy owns international patents and patent applications as well as registered trademark (IPR). Solixi products form Solixi energy system, which operation is based on Solixi IoT controller and it’s software.
Solixi is strongly networked. Usually services and know-how are bought from the license holders, which are the leading companies of the industry.
Therefore the number of Solixi’s own employees is low.

Solixi’s owner, founder, inventor, CEO and chairman of the board is Jyri Jaakkola.

IPR, patents, licensing

Solixi is part of license holders business. The acquisition, manufacturing and electronics of Solixi parts are licensed through contracts to suppliers (Team). Sales, marketing, installation, maintenance and Solixi Care service are licensed and funding arranged worldwide by The Bassiouni Group.



Tens of people have participated to the development and productization of Solixi since the year 2007. When the projects have progressed the team and demanded know how has varied.

HLB Tietotili

Panu Salminen, Licensing

Jouni Heikintalo
CEO, ME Solutions China