Heat pump wastes half

In the wintertime heat is pumped in and cold out, cold is gone with the wind.
In the summertime opposite, cold in and warm is gone with the wind.

Solixi stores both cold and warm

Solixi’s new low-cost heat pump is capable of storing both heat and cold in different parts of the water boiler.
As a result, heat pump’s COP almost doubles.
Useless 20°C water becomes a valuable heat and cold inside the boiler.
Neither one is wasted.

Simple and cheap heat recovery

In wintertime Solixi pumps the ice cold water generated alongside heating to the recuperation unit, where it warms up by exhaust air or sewage.
The simple and very cost-effective heat recovery system consists of heat exchanger, pipes and Solixi pump. Heat circulates and doesn’t go to waste.

Air conditioning and warm water

During summers cold is used for cooling and heat for the shower. If there is too much heat the boiler can be cooled. The cooling of water is much more efficient than cooling of air. When the cool is directed to sewage, sea or lake the building is cool as long as the heat wave and hot weather continues.

Solixi heat pump maintains with very small electricity consumption the indoor temperature and hot water suitable during summers and winters.

Heat and cold cheaply

The price of the heat produced by an air heat pump collapses when the heat is produced to the Solixi boiler with cheap electricity before cold week.

Correspondingly during summer heat cold is pumped from cool night air with cheap electricity and small electricity consumption. Solixi care follows the electricity price and weather forecasts and optimizes the running time of the air heat pump.


Several heat pumps

Almost any heat pump can be connected to Solixi.

Furthermore, geothermal heat pump’s COP increases and its lifetime becomes longer if it’s used only during coldest and darkest time of the year. It is better not to waste the geothermal energy already in the beginning of fall, the sun will warm cheaper in the spring. Electricity and euros will be saved and a smaller geothermal system is enough.

You can connect several different heat pumps to Solixi, the parallel and intelligent use of which steered by Solixi controllers saves even more.

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