Why Invest?

Solixi is seeking $1-$5 Million in seed capital to support the development and global market launch
of its patented Intelligent Energy system and address the $6.4 trillion opportunity in the Cleantech industry.
We have reached a critical turning point in the fight against Climate Change and for Sustainable Solutions.
The Paris Agreement aims to limit global temperature increase, which is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emission, to 1.5 degrees.
The renewable energy market has grown substantially and renewable energy has accounted for two-thirds of new power added globally in 2016,
with solar power being the fastest growing source of new energy.
(Source: International Energy Agency).
Storing large amounts of energy locally is a challenge on the way to Sustainable Solutions as well as economic viability.

Ask for Investment Teaser and Investor Deck:

The Bassiouni Group  is a New York based Global Development firm that provides consulting and investment solutions focused around Sustainability. TBG is currently leading Solixi’s investment-related /fundraising activities and is engaging different groups of investors (on behalf of Solixi) in the Nordic region, the wider EU region and North America.
For further information, please contact
David Solomon Bassiouni (davidb@bassiounigroup.com) or
Samantha Nolan (snolan@bassiounigroup.com).

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