Solixi is profitable everywhere, in all kinds of buildings;

  • Dwelling houses, apartment blocks, terraced houses
  • Commercial spaces, offices, restaurants, hotels
  • Shopping malls
  • Industry
  • Sports facilites, swimming halls, ice rinks
  • Agriculture, greenhouses, barns

Every sector demands special competence. It pays off for the dealer to specialize in some sectors in a certain area.

Proposal and a request for proposal

can be made easily with the calculator, even immediately.

Energy yield and consumption becomes clear from the calculation; how and when it is needed, how it is produced and at what price. Additionally the preliminary sizing and profitability of the Solixi system becomes clear. The information is at the disposal of the dealer of the sector in question, who can make a separate proposal of Solixi system and other devices and installations.

It pays off for the dealer to make offers/calulations actively. It is a quick way to find out where the most potential clients are. It is good customer service.

It pays off for the user of the building, tenant and owner to make requests for proposal/calculations actively. It is the quickest way to find out the savings potential and to get an offer from the dealer.

Calculation is also a climate act. It promotes the spread of clean technology and knowledge about how emissions can be reduced.

The most profitable investments first

The calculations help to direct resources in a right way. Often You achieve excellent results by combining Solixi products and other devices. You always need a skilled Solixi dealer who has the know-how in the sector. With the calculator you find where Solixi brings the largest savings.

The calculations are public. In them you can find the location, energy consumption and price (energy bill) of the building and the maker of the calculation (company, person, nick name). The information is public and  anonymously if necessary.

Solixi license holder does not need to be afraid of the offer information leaks to other Solixi dealers of the area and sector, because there are none.
The means to profitable emission cuts are not a secret any more. Publicity is Solixi’s general principal. When the information is open to everyone the best practices can be spread freely.