Accurate control of timing and temperatures

Solixi aims to produce energy in the most cost-effective way at all times.
It prioritizes free energy first; Solixi concentrator and recycled or stored energy from the Solixi boiler.
When these are not sufficient it turns on heat pumps and for example electricity, district heating or burner.

To simplify, in the summer Solixi prioritizes solar energy and cooling capability.
In the winter it prioritizes heating capability and recycling energy.

For this it has a controller to operate the concentrator heliostats and the boiler pumps. Solixi aims to run the pumps, heliostat motors and controller by solar electricity, when PV-panels are installed.

The controller can get information also remotely. The operation modes can be changed for exceptional situations such as storms, heat and cold waves, energy price hikes etc.


Lukuisia patentoituja innovaatioita, kokonainen energiajärjestelmä.