Drive to Solixi City

Look and compare to other energy structures; wind turbines, chimneys, coal power plants and power lines.

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Blends to the surroundings

Solixi mirrors reflect usually the sky to the eyes of the viewer. The thickness of the mirror plate is less than a millimeter, that of a support box a couple of centimeters. The thickness of the beams in the frame is a couple of centimeters, they can be seen from a distance only with binoculars.

In the middle of the roof

Solixi can be placed in the middle of the roof, then you can not see anything from the street or from the yard. In the beginning you can choose a lower model and add mirrors and power later on. Solixi and many companies draw illustrations. The mirrors tilt for the night to a chosen aesthetic direction, several alternatives.

Outside, under the ground, backyard

The hut of the boiler can be dug completely or partly underground, it can be hidden at the back of the lot with bushes or paint. You need room for about a couple of parking spaces. A good foundation of a parking lot endures the weight of a basin/container. Solixi pumps, heat exchangers and devices are out of view inside the insulation booth.

For every lot

The placing of Solixi devices is quite free and there are alternatives also in the dimensioning. Usually the shady side of the roof (solar concentrator) and the end of the house or backyard (boiler) will do.