Sep 12th: Europe Patent for solar concentrator.

Sep 10th: Solixi ecosystem. Large and expanding network, over 20 companies, cooperating to launch intelligent and clean energy solutions.

Kasvu-Open final, Sep 19th, Espoo Finland

Aug 2018: The Bassiouni Group (USA) to organise Solixi global funding with Convergence Finance.

Aug: Manufacturing team in China

TIPark 2018 China trip Aug 16-28th.

Aug: The silver bullet for storing energy, numbers

May 2018: Global Intelligent Industry Conference in Beijing. Solixi with other top companies meeting investors, dealers and potential partners. Tour sponsored by Techcode.

March 2018, Vaasa Energy Week – Energy and Innovation awards

March 2018; Solixi launch new solar tracker C4PV – more electricity

News from Solixi test environment

29.8.2017 this updated new website was opened. The “first” was launched Mar 2012, it gathered 141.901 visitors and a million page loads. We wish the interest will continue.
29.8.2017 Website official opening ceremony