Sun brings the self sufficiency and reliability to new level

Solixi gets the power from battery, that is charged with PV-panels or grid electricity. Solixi’s several, doubled if needed, pumps work during a power failure. Solixi does not usually need grid electricity.

Solar electricity to other usage as well

Solar energy can be gotten by installing masts and PV-panels to solar concentrator;

  • Solixi is also solar tracker, panels always towards the sun.
  • Full even power from morning until night.
  • Panels are up in unhindered sunshine.

Panels can be installed also traditionally to the sunny side of the roof, solixi does not need it.

Network failure does not cut off Solixi heating

Solixi can be connected to oil, gas, wood, pellet and wood chip pan. Burner produces hot efficiently during hard frost. Otherwise there is no use using it, if cheap and clean electricity is even at times available.

There is always heat in the boiler and electricity in the battery. Network failure does not cut off the Solixi heating immediately, and not later either if the sun shines.