New, tested system

Solixi software and controller are already ready. The parts have been chosen and tested.

CSP is know, but not on rooftops

Solixi applies and combines ancient technology

  • The concentration of sun beams with mirrors was invented already by Archimedes.
  • The modern CSP-solar power plants produce energy reliably.
  • Water has been pumped and heat has been stored to water for ages.
  • Tank container holds water and the transportation logic of containers works.
  • Subcontractors have strong know-how of their own area.

The parts and devices of Solixi are already known brands on the market.

Prototype is tested

New alternatives and materials were tested with Solixi prototype in 2013;
controller, software, mirrors, structure, boiler, pumps, pipes, collector, orientation of the mirrors etc.
Prototype worked excellently immediately from the first day.


Series production models, tested

Series production models have different parts than what the prototype had.
Production, manufacturing amounts, delivery certainty, prices, package, installation, maintenance, logistics, software, accuracy, reliability, durability and compatibility are refined into a functioning system.

Solixi is more than the sum of its parts

Solixi® is a new kind of energy system protected by patents.
More than the sum of its parts. Like a smart phone.

Solixi Care

Solixi Care service and maintenance are started immediately during pilot stage.
It covers unexpected product defects and the change of parts.

Solixi is a sure choice.
Energy produced by burning fossil fuels is not.