Solixi Care cloud service

Solixi Care is modern, industrial intranet type of self steered internet of things (IoT) cloud service and controller. Solixi Care software connects the spindle motors of solar concentrators and the pumps of boilers to the system. Additionally heat pumps and other devices can be connected. They all operate according to consumption, weather and electricity forecasts, automatic and realtime.

Support and maintenance

  • Remote monitoring.
  • The user does not have to do anything.
  • Statistics in the Internet.


Solixi is standardized and computer controlled entity where devices of other manufacturers can be added.

  • Boiler has extra pipe connections – easy and quick coupling, no electronics.
  • Solixi Controller can be the power switch of almost any device.

Parts from subcontractors

Solixi works best when, if it is possible, the parts and devices of Solixi subcontractors are used, when compatibility, remote monitoring, statistics, maintenance and spare parts with associated work can be guaranteed for decades with one fixed payment of Solixi Care-service.

Basis of energy system

Solixi is a basis for an energy system of a modern building, on top of which reliable, energy efficient, cheap and clean heating and air conditioning can be flexibly built.