Parts directly from China

Solixi has licenced and contracted component procurement and imports from China to TakeBest Ltd.
TakeBest is a procurement company that consults Solixi with component selection and handles bidding, quality control and shipments.

15 years experience

Mr. Jouni Heikintalo from TakeBest has lived in the Dongguan area for eight years, and has 15 years of experience in the China trade. Their four-member team has already drafted the base for Solixi pricing. Boiler tanks, solar concentrators and other components such as pumps, heat pumps, electrical resistors, pipes and connectors will be bought directly from manufacturers for very competitive prices.

Logistics and prices

Mr. Jyri Jaakkola, the owner and CEO of Solixi, sees many advantages in the co-operation agreement with TakeBest. In addition to competitive pricing and consultation, the ability to deliver large quantities of big and small Solixi-systems as nearly plug&play –ready cargo containers is a huge advantage. Even smaller shipments can be packed directly in China.


Dongguan, China 2.12.2015
Vantaa, Finland 2.12.2015