Optimisation and controls brought to a new level

Solixi automatically optimizes heating and cooling for each building depending on the installed equipment, the energy consumption, price tariffs, weather conditions, season, at noon and at night.

For low temperature floor heating the energy from lowest and coolest parts of the water boiler is utilized. Warm water is being pre-heated twice, which helps saving hot water from upper part of the boiler for other purposes. Naturally hot water is stored in upper compartments and cold to lower. Temperatures will vary according to the consumption forecasts in all tanks.

In order to enable maximum savings, hot and cold are not being mixed up. When necessary, water to water heat pump can boost water stratification very efficiently and produce cold for cooling and heat recovery.

Minimal heat losses

It pays off to store very hot and/or very cold. The thick uniform insulation in the walls and separate three water compartments are made to do this even for longer time periods.

The losses of heat transfer are small

Solixi is near, on the roof and besides the building. Pipes and response times are short. Numerous water circuits are optimised real time with the accuracy of one celsius degree.

It is hot or cold, or both simultaneously, or optimised to improve efficiency

The whole boiler can be at times hot storage or cold storage or neither one of these when the efficiency of heat pumps is improved with small temperature differences.

The temperatures are always stable indoors, in the tanks they can vary a lot.


Versatile configurations, real water computer

Pumps, heat exchangers and temperature sensors are connected to Solixi controller. All pumps can be doubled (durability, power) several times. Low cost and adjustable flow pumps can be added or easily replaced. In the first-time installation there are typically 8 pumps and typically 12 temperature sensors. More features can be activated when needed. One pump, temperature sensor and heat exchanger model, one spare part, which maintenance changes in a moment; shut the lock, threads open, change the part, threads close and lock open.

Solixi care reports about the usage of the system

Solixi Care informs about malfunctions, alerts and calibrates itself to be still more accurate. Solixi Care shows, even on your phone, graphically where, how much and when energy is transferred and euros are saved.

Hundreds of software features

There are multiple pumps, heat exchangers, temperature sensors and software features in Solixi  compared to traditional solar energy systems. Automated Solixi Care-steering, no display or buttons in controller, valves, heaters or pumps.