Wind pressure

It is good to understand what wind is. Snow load (kg/m2) and wind/air pressure (N/m2) are different things. Newton = n. 0,1 kg force.
The force of wind is small compared to weight. If you can walk on the roof it holds over 1000 N/m2. Corresponding forces are only in hurricanes. Usually rafters hold forces of ten fold, the coating of the roof is weaker. The strongly varying wind pressure depends not only on the strength of the gusts but also on their direction, surface area and aerodynamics. For example the chassis of a car and Solixi mirror endure air pressure much better than a sail.

Wind can tip even a truck

Torque can break a tall tree, especially if it is rotten.
Metal fatigue can break a swinging mast, the iron wire also breaks by bending.
Hard and gusty wind shakes loose things, even trucks have fallen in hard storm. In the storm a flying plastic chair with its kinetic energy can break a window, which the wind pressure would not otherwise break.

Endures hard storms

Solixi does not have the previously mentioned weaknesses.
Solar concentrator is a multi-legged wide and rigid iron beam and metal structure attached to rafters.

Mirror is a metal box supported by beams, not a sail cloth or wing although it looks like that. Solixi does not have masts, but iron beam triangles which are part of about ten legged wide metal frame. Rigid structure holds hard storms without swinging, because the tensile strength of the iron beam is tens of tons and wind pressure at most tens of kilos/m2 (or more correctly hundreds Newtons/m2).

Protected on the roof

Mirror plates are well protected on the roof from the things that are flying in the wind. The heaviest part is the heat collector (about 40 kg) of which there are usually only one or a few. Low weight and wind torque is divided on a wide area and several legs. Stress is small compared to snow load. There is less weight than in the traditional heat collector installation. Solixi also supports the roof, almost corresponding trusses are used underneath the roof.

Mirrors to a favourable position

Solixi directs the mirrors according to weather and situation in each case to a favourable position. Reflect or not to reflect sun temperature, minimize wind pressure and resonance, piling up of snow or getting wet and freezing. When a hurricane hits it makes sense to loosen the mirrors (couple of nuts and bolts, easy and quick) and take them to shelter. Aluminum mirror plate is a cheap sparepart if it gets damaged.

Throughs in the same way as in other roof installations

Solixi does not influence the roof coating. Throughs are done in the same way as in other installations (skywalks, collectors installed to the roof, TV masts etc.) water proof and bolted to the rafters and other support structures.

The solar concentrator has been tested since 2013 – no wind or roof damage.